"Shawn and I found Grace to be one of the most attentive, responsive, and flexible agents we've ever worked with. She went beyond the call of duty and bent over backwards to make sure we achieved the best possible outcome. We wholeheartedly recommend Grace's services and will be telling all our friends and family members about how wonderful she is as a realtor and as a person."

Shawn and Jennifer Kester

"We highly recommend Grace Wrobel because she provided us with amazing service, professional advice, she gave us the information that we needed in order to contact a reputable broker and lawyer, she overall did an amazing job especially during these hard times. In her we didn’t just find an amazing real estate but we also made a life time friend. She is someone you can truly count on and trust in order to find your forever home."

The Martínez Family

"I first hired Grace Wrobel in December 2019 to lease my condo-townhouse in Mississauga as I was leaving the country for an undetermined period of time.  She did her due diligence in finding the ideal tenants, running a credit check and background check.  As a result, those tenants rented for 2 years without any issues. In November 2020, upon returning from Asia and then moving back to Quebec, I once again sought her services to sell my home. I went back to Mississauga to sign the paper work for the listing.  Unfortunately at the time, I did not have access to enter the unit and was pressed to return to Quebec for work.  When Grace visited the unit prior to listing it on MLS, she was faced with a dirty, disorganized unit and soon contacted me.  She took it upon herself to clean the new appliances and the rest of the unit.  I had issues with the fire alarm and she contacted the fire alarm company who had to enter the unit to fix it, however, the tenants were working and could not be in the unit when they came. Grace was there with the contractors while they fixed it as again the tenants could not be there.  Conditions of sale were that a heating and air conditioning vent cover be installed where there was none.  I could never find one, however, she ordered it on Amazon and she installed it.  I had a crack in a wall,  and she came over again to fix that.  Another condition of sale was that the ripped patio door screen be fixed.  Grace went to Home Depot, bought the new screening and fixed it herself.  My tenants moved out January 15th, removing their large wide screen television, leaving massive holes in the wall without patching them.  Grace patched the holes.  There are so many examples I could provide of things that needed fixing in the unit prior to the sale of the unit, which I could not do as I am now in Quebec.  Grace went above and beyond the call of duty, I am eternally grateful for her, her professionalism, her unconditional dedication to her work, and love for the industry and her clients.  I would never have expected this amount of help even from a friend, never mind a Real Estate Agent.  I would highly, from the bottom of my heart, recommend her services."
Regards from a happy, satisfied client,

Caroline Bock

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